Covid-19 Screens

Covid-19 Sneeze Guard Screens - ONLY for Ford Transits

This is much more than just a Perspex, Acrylic, Soft Plastic or even Polycarbonate Screen, as being widely offered at this time. CoTrims Duoshield takes Current Regulations and the Physical Safety of the vehicle occupants into consideration to protect everyone involved.


Ford Transit CoTrim Duoshield

Ford Transit CoTrim Duoshield

To help prevent spread of infection between driver and passenger in front cab of Ford Transit Vans, Chassis Cab and Crew Vans from 2014 onwards, with 3 front seats. DVSA approval number: CoTrim DFTDS/01

  • Screen is manufactured from material Compliant to reg ECE R43-VIII/B as required for DVSA M1, M2 & M3 IVA including “E” mark stamped into the screen.
  • Does not impinge on the “forward, rearward or sideward view of the driver”.
  • Quick release, so driver or cab passenger can easily remove in an emergency (also a requirement for DVSA IVA).
  • Fast and simple to install, (install videos available), so we can supply only direct to you or your customers.

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