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Safety and Type Approval

Never compromise on safety

Why are we obsessed with safety & type approval? Because we care about our customers. We love quality. We love vehicles that last. We also love a good night’s sleep.

Peace of mind

By law, not all of our conversions need to meet National Small Series Type Approval regulations, VCA type approval, or Full European Type Approval; but we believe you shouldn’t compromise on people’s safety.

We can sleep easy knowing our seat conversions will last for the lifetime of your vehicle, can be used day in and day out and, if the worst should happen, they keep you and your loved ones safe.

M1 certification warning

Converters may offer cheaper vans and offer you M1 certification, but make sure you also get proof that the whole seat system has been crash tested in a vehicle shell like yours. Otherwise, that M1 certificate isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

All our passenger seating has been fully “in-vehicle” tested on each type of vehicle body shell. It proves that the installation will stand up in a real-life accident, so you can be confident you and your passengers will always travel as safely as possible. Cheap is often more expensive in the end.